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 Here are some pictures of some of the things I made in the past, Birthday cakes, pies cookies, cupcakes you name it!  It's all here, I don't have all the recipes up for these so if you see one in particular I can email you the recipe.

This was the first that I ever did, I was seven at the time.

And here si a close up of the same cake.

This was a Choc. cake with a dark choc. ganache that I made for our family Halloween party.

These were some cake pops  that I made, those were a big hit!

'Pie Day' with the kids, that's day before Thanksgiving we make pies for breakfast

This is what happens when there is chocolate hanging around on a Sunday night.

My brothers 17th Birthday cake!  He didn't like it. :)

My other brothers cake, he was turning four.  Since my brothers are crazy about Lego's, that is what inspired this cake.

Easter dessert!

Campfire munchies, those were good!

Carrot cake, for dessert after dinner with our Grandparents.

Again carrot cake, different occasion.

Apple Crumb cake for a cook-out. 
Easter dinner dessert the year before...
One of my first attempts at cake pops, the kids ate all of them in one sitting!
Chocolate Mouse Pie, for my sisters b-day 
This cake was a nightmare!  My last cake for cake decorating class.  NOT FUN!
4th of July!
Um...I think this was Thanksgiving too.
My sisters birthday the year before
An ordered cake
My first cake, at cake decorating class
This is my Grandparents 50th anniversary cake.

And this is the latest cake I did, again it was an order.


  1. I love all the cakes! They look great.... and yummy

  2. You are so talented! If I tried to decorate a cake, or anything for that matter, it would look like a giant glob of colored frosting, lol. Awesome blog, awesome pictures. :) This is making me hungry.


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