Wednesday, June 20, 2012

S'more Pops

     My grandma knows that I love baking and stuff, and she goes shopping a lot, so she likes to keep me in mind.  The other day on one of her outings she saw a little kit for S'mores on a stick.  I thought it was a pretty cute idea, so I gave them a shot.

The box looks like this, and when I opened it up there was four little bags, one with 12 marshmallows, 12 lollipop sticks, and some crushed up gram cracker crumbs, and a couple ounces of candy melts.  At this point I'm thinking, 'this is really handy, everything in one box.'  But I soon found out that I was off.
     Way off.

     To start things off, it was a nightmare melting down those candy melts, for some reason it seized all up on me, and the pan I melted it was bone-dry!  I was able to bring it back to life with some butter and oil but still!  And in the mean time I stuck all the marshmallows with their sticks, that wasn't too bad.

After that, it was pretty simple, you dip the marshmallows in the chocolate and and then the gram cracker crumbs.  And that's what I did, I must say when i was done they looking pretty darn cute!  Of course, that was before Timmy tried one.....but here is what they looked like halfway through.


     So here they are in all their glory, for future references don't use this product.  It's a REALLY great idea, but the chocolate tasted bad, and the 'gram cracker crunch' wasn't too crunchy, it was kind of stale.  Your better off buying some good chocolate, and and a name brand gram crackers and crushing those up yourself.  It would probably be a bit cheaper too.  So 1 out of ten (1bening the worst and ten the best) I'd give these guys a......4.

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